Top 10 Moving Companies In The U.S

It has been estimated that over 30 million people move to the United States each and every year, which is how the moving company industry has managed to earn over $80 billion in revenue.

With this being such a key and popular industry in America, it is no surprise that there are countless different companies that people can pick from when needing to move across the country for business or to start a brand new life in a state.

Picking the perfect moving company is crucial for those who want to make sure that their move is seamless and stress-free, but it can be difficult to know and understand which company is the best at providing optimal services.

Here is a list of the top 10 moving companies in the United States.

1. International Van Lines

Rated as being a top moving company by customers all around the country, International Van Lines caters to helping people move in America and to 150 different countries around the world. Their diverse service caters to both domestic and international needs, big and small.

2. Allied Van Lines 

With over 85 years of experience in the business, Allied Van Lines is highly capable of helping people move over long distances or locally in the country. Providing corporate, international, and household moving services, this moving company does it all and does it all very well.

3. North American Van Lines

  This moving company aims to provide affordable services to Americans making a local or long-distance move. Customer service is key with North American Van Lines, and it shows with their quality moving services that focus on people first and foremost. 

4. U-Pack

U-pack is a household moving company that can cater to a list of different budgets, making its services affordable for almost anyone. The U-Pack experience is quick and efficient, as customers only need to make a reservation and load containers. Once that is done, the moving service does the rest. 

5. U-Haul 

This company is very well known for its moving and storage services, offering Americans a chance to only move their essential items, but also to store them when necessary.  With various services related to trailer hitches, moving supplies, and more, U-Haul can cater to a whole list of different moving needs.

6. Mayflower

This national moving company has managed to establish itself in the industry by providing trusted services for over 90 years. With custom service options, customers can pick and choose what is best suited for them and their moving needs.


PODS gives customers a personalized moving experience that eases the stress and worries that comes with a long and tiring move. They deliver the packing containers and work hard to make sure that each container is handled with utmost safety and care.

8. Bekins Van Lines 

Bekins van Lines makes the process of moving much easier and more convenient. With 400 hundred agents and being in the unique position of having over 125 years of experience, this moving company knows everything about what makes a good moving service in America.

9. United Van Lines

Providing services to over one million customers nationwide, United Van Lines caters to 500 different locations in the United States. Customers always feel satisfied after utilizing one of United Van’s many different moving services.

10. Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines is reliable and efficient, offering long distance moves, packing services and corporate relocation services. This is a trusted company with countless different positive reviews in the market. 

Insurance For Moving Companies 

Companies such as the ones listed above all need to take into account the importance of business insurance, in case something goes wrong with items they are moving or some problems occur within the business itself.

Moving company insurance needs to cover such companies from injuries and property damages. This added layer of safety and security is what makes moving companies even better for those who work within those businesses.


The United States is home to some great selections when it comes to moving companies. By choosing one of the companies listed above, customers who need to make a national or international move cannot go wrong, thanks to quality services that emphasize safety and the importance of customer needs.

Image Copyright: TRUiC