Tixie Bitcoin Price Ticker Backers Still Wait On Refunds

A lot of people in the Bitcoin space may remember the campaign organized by the team behind Tixie, a new Bitcoin price ticker. The primary goal of this project was to bring low-cost hardware displaying the current Bitcoin price into the hands of as many people as possible. By using Indiegogo, their campaign seemed to be off to a good start, but they eventually failed to reach their mark. However, four weeks later, there is still no sign of pledged funds being refunded.

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The Tixie Campaign Goes Bust

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Realcointickers is the company responsible for the Tixie hardware Bitcoin price ticker campaign on Indiegogo. From the start, the company had set a goal of US$30,000 to be reached on their Indiegogo campaign, which turned out to be a major bust, as only US$1,687 was raised over the course of thirty days.

Moreover, the company had set up a separate Bitcoin pledge page on their website, which offered the same perks and rewards as the Indiegogo campaign. However, since the campaign goal wasn’t met, a lot of users have to be refunded. This is where the problems ensue, as a lot of people are still waiting to get their money back.

Refunds were guaranteed to backers who mailed in their transaction details to the Realcointickers team before March 1st. Keeping in mind how the crowdfunding campaign ended on January 31st, there was plenty of time for the company to gather the necessary details are prepare themselves to issue refunds come March 2016.

Unfortunately, none of the refund claims were honored by the enterprise so far, neither on the credit card or Bitcoin side of things. Indiegogo backers had to go through their credit card company for a chargeback, as the Tixie team has been unable – or unwilling – to contact backers ever since.

Although it is rather easy to get a chargeback claim processed by the credit card issuer, the story is quite different for Bitcoin users. Chargebacks and refunds are practically impossible when dealing with digital currency unless the recipient of the funds decides to send the money back. In the case of Tixie project backers, no luck so far.

Unfortunately, this entire project turned out to be yet another scam in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Although many of people would have loved to own a Tixie Bitcoin price ticker, it seems that will never happen at this rate.

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