Titanium Comics – Comic Book Publisher To Accept Bitcoin Payments

If we are to properly educate people on Bitcoin – the monetary aspect, the technology and the ideology envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto – we need to find a medium a lot of people can access and relate to. Comic books would be a good way to do that, as we have seen in the form of the Bitcoin Comic. And by the looks of it, more and more comic book-related services are starting to accept digital currency payments as well.

Titanium Comics – Comic Book PublisherTitanium Comics

Most of our readers have probably not heard of Titanium Comics before, so allow us to explain what they do exactly. Titanium Comics is a comic book publisher, and are known for releasing the “Age of Darkness”, “The Arcane” “Death Raye” and “The Fraternity” comic book series, all of which were made available in 2014.

Titanium Comics has been around since 2010, and the company was born from the idea of that was years in the making. Even though some of our readers may feel that the comic book scene is oversaturated already, Titanium Comics saw a gap that needed to be filled. And so they did, by creating stories and using multiple technologies to achieve that goal.

As a result, comic book fans around the world have been treated to some of the most unique characters you will ever encounter. On top of that, Titanium Comics prides itself on coming up with unique story ideas thanks to their team of talented writers. Blended with some of the comic book world’s top artists, and you can see why this became a recipe for success.

Titanium Comics is the comic book arm of Titanium Publishing, LLC.

Using Bitpay to Accept Digital Currency Payments

Titanium Comics has decided to take a very bold step in order to expand their global presence. By partnering with Bitcoin payment processor BitPay, comic book fans from around the world can now pay for their orders in Bitcoin, on both the Titanium Comics website and their Facebook store.

The best part about this announcement comes in the form of customers not only being able to purchase comics, but also any merchandise sold by Titanium Comics and pay their order in Bitcoin. In doing so, Titanium Comics has become one of  world’s first comic book publishers to accept Bitcoin transactions for their services and products.bitpay

Business Manager Dion Wilson comments, “Our fourth quarter releases had to be a bit delayed, but considering the growth potential we gained in the delay we are ok with it! Cryptocurrencies allow anyone anywhere quite literally to gain access to our line, and we are excited to see the results.”

For fans of Titanium Comics’ “The Arcane” series, there is some good news to report. “The Arcane #2: Homecoming Part 2” is the next release on the calendar and will be available in-store as of June 2015.

It is interesting to note that “The Arcane #2” is written by J. Dominguez, whereas “The Arcane #1” was written by Andy Wolfendon. But for the fans of the artwork to be found in “The Arcane #1”, have no fear, as Paolo D’Antonio is responsible for penciling and inking “The Arcane #2” as well.

Short Description of “The Arcane #2” :

Phelan and the Books are now in the hands of the Demon Riders. Quinn is devastated. The Brothers realize they must get the boy back-not only out of love, but because his powers are growing daily, and Lucifer’s minions will turn him into a servant of darkness. The Arcane Brothers have now got a fight on their hands they never wanted, but definitely aren’t prepared for.

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