Tips For Escorts To Get Rid of Pesky Clients

Knowing how to get rid of pesky escort clients quickly need not be a painful experience, in fact, once you learn and have a few effective tricks up your sleeve, it’s actually quite easy.

Many Escorts working in Sydney and Melbourne have to deal with a lot of Pesky clients on daily basis. Please read on to find out how you can get rid of pesky clients!

Pesky Clients

In general, most potential clients are legitimate and will want to book you for your escort services, however, there are always a certain number of pesky clients who are looking for cheap thrills and wanting to waste your time by stringing you along.

Pesky Clients Target New Escorts

New Escorts in Sydney and Melbourne are quite often targeted by professional time wasters who are looking to pass their time by and in the meantime, waste yours. 

The reason pesky clients target new escorts is because they know that they are usually inexperienced and will try and be nice to all clients who message them. 

Be prepared to come in contact with pesky clients even before you start off as a new escort, make sure you have some strategies in place to save yourself a lot of heartache.

How to Spot a Time Waster

Escorts who offer Porn star experience generally get a lot of time waters. Knowing how to spot a time and eliminate wasters is the first step, once you know how to identify a time waster, then you will be able to concentrate on genuine clients who really do want to come and see you for your escort services.

Genuine Clients

Genuine clints are usually upfront, direct and ask direct genuine questions regarding your escort services. Usually, genuine clients ask legitimate questions surrounding your escort services, confirm your prices and to ask what days and times you are available. 

Evaluate Clients Quickly

Learning to evaluate clients quickly is the answer to eliminating unwanted pesky clients quickly. When clients initially contact you, if they don’t ask you direct questions straight off the bat, you can turn it around on them and start asking them direct questions.

Stay Professional

Stay professional and inviting, however assertive and direct at the same time. The initial contact period is about collecting information regarding your escort services, it’s not about flirting and chit chatting, so if you detect that some clients are only interested in chit chatting and flirting, then promptly end the message.

When Clients Don’t Commit

When clients don’t commit after a few short and genuine questions, then they probably won’t and are just wasting your time, so promptly let them know that you have to go. If they are genuine, they will leave a message for you with firm details, then you can reply to them.

In Summary

Learn to be assertive quickly with each and every client, genuine client’s book quickly once they have all the information they need.

Stay Assertive!