TikTok Approves Vybe

Mumbai, India – The popular social media app TikTok approved the Vybe app Wednesday. TikTok, which has one billion active users, approved Vybe’s application to connect to TikTok’s private application programming interface (API). This makes it possible for the Vybe algorithm to “tokenize likes” on TikTok and “excavate engagement” off it, so Vybe users can transfer their TikTok likes into their Algorand wallet and convert it to other assets.

“Now our users can mine TikTok,” Vybe Developer Pankaj Dhurandhar said:

“This is exciting to us because it expands our market, and private access is difficult to get.”

Currently, Vybe users can also mine Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. Vybe is also working to integrate other content-creator websites over time. TikTok, however, is currently the biggest. The website Statista.com, for example, states that 656 million people downloaded TikTok last year, and TikTok users spend an average of 19 hours a month on their site.


Vybe launched a beta version of their app three weeks ago. The app tokenizes likes or, more accurately, content quality. It connects users’ social media sites to an Algorand wallet, converts their likes into a token called VYBE, and then automatically deposits these VYBE in their wallets every day at 1200 hours EST.

In three weeks, the app and algorithm have built a steady following of interested and energized users. @Bondarevsky, for example, tweeted, “This is officially the most underrated project ever!” Other users, however, have asked whether or not tokenizing likes will actually create value and another source of revenue for content creators.

You can try the app on Vybe’s website, www.vybecrypto.com.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.