Three Men From Ireland To Stand Trial For Dealing Drugs Online

Kyle Hall, Richard Sinclair, and Stephen Rodgers were all arrested for selling the purest form of Ecstacy, or Molly; as well as other drugs on dark net. The men were set to appear in front of the magistrate Friday. Police in Northern Ireland found Ecstasy, Marijuana, and Diazepam tablets worth well over 100,000 pounds. The seizure took place in Coleraine, Co Londonderry, and the eastern part of Belfast a year ago.

Hall, of Chamberlain Street in Belfast, Sinclair from Coleraine, and face charges from the possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply, and possession of criminal property. Sinclair is accused of importing large quantities of ecstasy on his own as well.

Rodgers from Co Antrim, is being charged with the supply of Class A, B, and C drugs, along with converting criminal property. All offences are believed to be committed between January 2014, and August 2015. At the initial hearing, the men were accused of buying and selling drugs online, using the mail system there to ship them, and they were using Bitcoin to get paid.

Police uncovered lists containing customer names, emails, shipping information, different types of drugs, the amounts that were being sold, as well as purchases, and sales of drugs online. These lists were found in Sinclair’s bedroom.

Along with the drugs and lists, police found thousands of pounds in cash. During preliminary proceedings defense attorneys agreed with the prosecution in the fact that each of the three men has a case in which they need to answer for. All three men declined to give any evidence, or provide any witnesses this early in the case.

District Judge Alan White granted the prosecution’s request to have the men stand trial in Belfast Magistrate’s Court. The men were released on bail, but not before they were given a message.
“You will be informed of a date for your arraignment, turn up on that date,” Judge Alan White told them.

Ireland has had a notable rise in dark net and bitcoin related crime as of late, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how many more there will be to come.

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