This Week’s Bitcoin Price Synopsis

@KittyBitcoin paws at the week’s bitcoin market intelligence “wool ball” with an emphasis on bitcoin
exchange marketshare. Estimated read less than 5 minutes. Who did what – and how did it unravel?

@BraveNewCoin BTC Price Index


Data courtesy @BraveNewCoin

Weekly XBT Price Synopsis

The @BraveNewCoin 7 day chart starts with the tail end of a price decline – or crash as some say – a largely “vagarious” sideways movement through the week with a substantive and sharp upswing beginning on early Thursday and ending the week with a bouncing but decidedly lower price which was lower than the weekly entry point – but not much.

The Chinese Juggernaut

Don’t kid yourself, despite quiet assertations of BTC trade washing the Chinese bitcoin exchanges power their way to total domination of the bitcoin ecosystem marketshare week after week – and month after month.

This week Huobi is on top of all currencies traded worldwide. @Huobicom first popped @OKCoinBTC‘s bubble in late fall of 2015 with a monthly leading volume total. Here they are in the chart below and still on top:

All Currencies 7 days


data courtesy

Remember, this is just a 7 day snapshot and a lot can happen – but 59.59% marketshare looks good in almost any market. Kudos to @huobicom for taking on the “Google of Bitcoin” and winning. Also of note, the top two bitcoin exchanges have over 90% of marketshare. That’s a sobering thought.

@yourBTCC hangs on to number three position and this hasn’t changed in a long time. @Bitfinex clocks in with less than 2% of world marketshare. With all the Western media buzz its hard to keep the true perspective that in fact all Western bitcoin exchanges are peanuts in terms of total marketshare.

@LakeBTC consistently places mid tier – if being in the bottom 10% of total marketshare is mid-tier. @bitx2014 has been trading consistently higher volumes, this week edging out even @bitstamp, @coinbase and @btcecom who closes out the 7 day all currencies chart with just 0.44% marketshare.

XBTUSD Weekly Piechart

Keeping in mind the XBTUSD chart below encompasses less than 10% of all XBT volume this week, the chart still has lots of dynamics:


data courtesy

@Bitfinex continues the domination which we saw in the summer was easily lost with wallet issues and a hyperactive press. They’ve got it nailed down now. @OKCoinBTC continues to impress with consistent number two position week after week. Here’s how the rest of it shook out:

$XBTUSD marketshare 7 Days


data courtesy

@Bitx2014 has again blasted @btcecom and @coinbase out of the way to secure overall number four spot in $XBTUSD. @gatecoin has clung on from their debut appearance in late December 2015. Watch out for the sleeper, they’re gaining traction.

Stay tuned with @themerklenews for solid XBT reporting as the news breaks.

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