This week in Bitcoin Markets – marketshare by exchange

@LakeBTC exceeds @bitfinex in all currencies traded

@KittyBitcoin paws at this week’s bitcoin exchange percentage marketshare “wool ball”. We look at $XBTCNY, $XBTUSD, $XBTEUR & $XBTGBP. Estimated read less than 5 minutes. Who did what – and how did it unravel?

BraveNewCoin BTC Price Index

Data courtesy @BraveNewCoin

Weekly XBT Price Synopsis

The @BraveNewCoin 7 day chart opened at ~ $391 per bitcoin and saw an abrupt price rise to a maximum weekly price of $404.55 on Sunday. Monday saw a decline to $390. Vagarious sideways movement continued until Thursday when the price fell off sharply to $383. Friday the price tumbled sharply again to a low of $369.03. Largely sideways movement has been the norm since.

Closing price late Friday was $381.89. As a result the difference between the week start and end trading price was roughly $10 – but a range of $35.

Weekly stats

high $404.55

low $369.03

range $35.52

All Currencies 7 days

As expected @huobicom and @okCoinBTC garner the lion’s share of world marketshare again this week with Huobi still leading the pack:


All other data charts courtesy of

There are however some surprises this week. @LakeBTC exceeds @bitfinex in all currencies traded worldwide, basically swapping positions from last week. @gatecoin surprisingly has also moved up on the weekly chart apparently at the expense of @btcecom who dropped off the chart. Gatecoin has jumped the usually weightier trading @bitx2014 – albeit on lower overall weekly volumes than the previous week. @bitstamp and @coinbase settled to the bottom of the chart:

All currencies weekly by volume and marketshare: current


Previous week all currencies chart


data courtesy

$XBTCNY Weekly

No changes in $XBTCNY week to week in terms of overall position:


$XBTUSD Weekly Marketshare


$XBTEUR Weekly

This marketplace sees the rise of @gatecoin who significantly takes number two position. @krakenfx has absolutely dominated this market for many months often garnering more than 50% marketshare in a MONTH. For @gatecoin to grab number two position with over 27% marketshare of all $XBTEUR traded in this weekly chart is nothing less than astounding – given the previous market dynamics in this pair. @coinbase continues to make inroads while nails down last place on the weekly chart.

data courtesy

$XBTGBP Weekly

This is our first look at bitcoin traded in Great Britain Pounds. @bitx2014 has over 80% of marketshare. Surprisingly localbitcoins – typically the high ball price – trades 11% of all $XBTGBP traded. Coinfloor, Coinbase and Kraken complete the picture.


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