This Individual Recovered an old Laptop Containing Over 530 Bitcoin

Over the past few years, many Bitcoins have been lost forever due to people throwing away old hard drives or entire computers. One Redditor managed to bring back an old laptop to life, and it holds a Bitcoin wallet containing 533 BTC. 

Many people have forgotten that they ever owed any Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

Recovering Over $5 Million in Bitcoin

As a result, a portion of the limited supply has been lost forever due to decaying computer hardware.

In this particular case, lost Bitcoins have been recovered successfully.

One Redditor recovered a laptop that is roughly 10 years old. 

It contains a Bitcoin wallet – which synced up to the network just fine – with a 533 BTC wallet. 

There is a sad side to this story as well, as the Redditor initially loaned the laptop to his brother.

The brother has unfortunately passed away in August of 2019, bringing the laptop back to the surface. 

It is one of the physical objects that will always be linked to his brother, as they both used the device – and now found over $5 million in BTC on it to boot.

It is a positive note in an otherwise sad turn of life events,

The Redditor has not indicated how the 500+ BTC will be used, albeit selling some seems to be a logical option.