This Coronavirus Blockchain Project Aims to Track Virus-free Zones

The novel coronavirus will undoubtedly lead to some very interesting developments in the technology sector. The VirusBlockchain project is rather unique, but it certainly has ample potential.

One has to commend those who are experimenting with new skills and technology during these periods of mandatory quarantine.

A Coronavirus Blockchain Project With Potential

It is crucial to keep both body and mind engaged at all times.

VirusBlockchain is perhaps one of the more interesting projects related to the novel coronavirus.

It is a coronavirus blockchain project developed by the Public Health Blockchain Consortium or PHBC.

The main objective of this coronavirus blockchain project is to track communities where COVID-19 is not making an impact.

While the current focus lies with testing as many people as possible, keeping track of virus-free regions is equally crucial.

Moreover, this project can be sued to track future viruses and diseases as well.

While it remains who is partnering on this project, the concept certainly strikes a chord.

The coronavirus blockchain project utilizes certificates from security firms and governments who are actively monitoring cases.

Ensuring all of the data and information is reliable, will be a crucial aspect.

Restricting travel between different zones – even within a country – seems to be the only viable approach to creating virus-free locations.

Virusblockchain certainly has a lot of potential for the current crisis, as well as future events.