The US now has Over 560 Novel Coronavirus Cases

The novel coronavirus crisis in the United States shows no signs of improving anytime soon. More people are confirmed to be infected, and the numbers will only grow worse.

Whereas many people claim this is merely the flu, the current statistics seem to indicate something else entirely.

More Novel Coronavirus Cases

As things stand now, there are 566 novel coronavirus cases in the United States.

Last Friday, there were just 260 confirmed cases.

This goes to show that thorough testing is contributing to identifying those who may pose a problem to public health.

The outbreak has made its impact on the daily life of Americans as well.

Travelling on a  cruise ship is not strongly dissuaded, albeit not prohibited by law.

Traditional guidelines by the CDC will remain in effect indefinitely.

Those include washing hands properly, using a hand sanitizer, and avoiding wearing face masks unless one is genuinely sick.

Regarding the COVID-19-infected cruise ship docking in California, there are still some unknown factors.

Some of the passengers will go to hospitals for urgent care.

The rest will be split into different groups, depending on their point of origin.

Military bases will serve as a temporary quarantine zone for the citizens of California.

The rest will go to bases in Texas and Georgia.