The Top and Best Food Trends of 2019

When it comes to what’s trending, it’s always nice to be known. For fashionistas, what’s in for every season is something they look forward to. For the foodies out there, the latest food trends are simply important to know and give a try. 

In 2018, many Korean BBQ places, gourmet burgers, and street food-inspired restaurants and shops opened up as these are the places that people raved about. This year, some of these places are still booming, but new food trends are still on the rise.

Halfway through 2019, many people are already into different food trends, but before the year ends, here are the best food trends that you still have to try.


Matcha is now a common flavor after people raved about it last year. Moringa is what’s new and green this year. This magical plant is entirely edible and can be mixed with your favorite food and drinks. You may see this in the form of tea, capsule, drink, and even fresh.

Moringa is very rich in vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. This plant has always been around but it’s just recently that it is given the attention it deserves. It has always been popular to nursing mothers as it could also increase their milk supply, but now, tea fanatics are also enjoying it.

This plant contains 4x more Vitamin A than carrots, 7x more Vitamin C than what oranges have, and also beats the calcium that 4 glasses of milk can give you. It is also very rich in iron. In fact, it has 25x more iron than what a bundle of Spinach can give you.

CBD-infused products

This year, the CBD industry has been growing and it is also invading the food and beverage business. You can now get many products infused with CBD. Some of these products are even interesting and could be fun to buy.

CBD is now legal to plant in the US after the Farm Bill of 2018 was approved. This simply made the CBD industry multiply and grow quickly. More and more CBD products are suddenly on the shelves of your favorite shops and groceries.

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While more studies are still needed to prove the effectiveness of CBD, many and even experts believe that CBD has components that could help a person or a pet deal with stress, anxiety, and even pain. Some of the food products with CBD that you can get are gummies, coffee, and chocolate.

Eco-friendly packaging

People are now more careful about managing their personal waste. The use of plastic is suddenly no longer as convenient as how it was before. More consumers now prefer products that are smartly packaged and won’t harm the environment.

Almost all restaurants are ditching plastic straws and people are loving that. Instead of plastics, eco-friendly products are typically wrapped with cloth or a piece of canvas. The no-waste challenge is also becoming quite a trend.

Many restaurants and food manufacturers are supporting this. This is why you can now bring reusable containers or bags as you shop for meat and vegetables. You’ll also mostly see bags that are made with paper when you buy your groceries and takeaways. It’s simply trendy to be more environmentally friendly this year.

Home-grown food

As urban-gardening is becoming more popular, eating what you grow is also becoming quite a trend. People are starting to grow their own spices, vegetables, and fruits in their backyard. There’s really no need for you to own a spacious land to grow your food.

All you need is a small grow space, like a tent and complete your grow setup. You can even grow your own crops indoors. An indoor grow room typically has a vent system, a sun system or grow lights and a dehumidifier. It’s best to research more about sun systems and the different types of grow lights, as this is a crucial part of growing your crops indoors. Some of the crops that you can grow in a grow tent are potatoes, corn, tomatoes, lettuce, and your favorite spices like basil and rosemary.

Keto-friendly restaurants

The keto diet is now a very popular way to lose weight and almost everybody is on it. This is why many restaurants and groceries are quickly joining the fad. You can now see a specific aisle or shelf in a grocery store that is for people on keto.

The same goes for restaurants with signages that they are keto-friendly. Keto-friendly products are mainly about low-carb and zero-sugar food products. This is also why meat and alt fats are in demand. People on keto are usually on the lookout for meat, eggs, almond milk, and sweeteners like stevia or sucralose.

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