The Top 4 Movie Technologies That Made it to Real Life(Or Will Very Soon)

Movies have long portrayed futuristic technology. From Sci-Fi to Action flicks, their goal is to blow your mind with unthinkable gadgets and devices alongside space age technology. Well, if you’ve payed attention to any of it, you’d notice that quite a few of these future technologies reside here on the planet today, and have so for some time. This is a list of the Top 4 movie technologies that exist in real life.

1. Tablets
The 1968 movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey showed what looked like  modern day mobile tablets throughout the movie. Actors throughout the movie appear to be reading the latest news on what looks a lot like the the iPad or another model. Also, the crew from Star Trek used tablet devices during the show. This is probably the most overlooked future technology reference that actually came true.

2. Air Touch Technology
Countless movies have showed the ability of certain characters in movies to be able to manipulate 3-D holographic images with nothing more than their bare hands. The Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan is developing what they call i-Air Touch. It would allow users to control and manipulate 3-D projected images with nothing else but a special pair of glasses and their bare hands.

3. Biometric Data Scanners
Who hasn’t seen an action movie or Sci-Fi movie where doors have to be opened with retina scanners and fingerprint and hand print scanners? We’re seeing more and more devices containing fully functioning biometric data scanners. Notably, a company called Dynamic Grip Recognition is utilizing biometric data scanners for use in firearm safety. The company has developed technology using biometric data reading to record the user’s grip signature. This would render the pistol unusable by anyone else but the recorded owner. The company has stated that the technology will be available for purchase within a year.

4. AR Technology
AR technology, or Augmented Reality, is the idea of layering information on top of the physical world that changes the way it looks without actually affecting it. We’ve seen this in movies involving cybernetic humanoid drones. Robocop and Terminator are the most known examples. Apps like Star Chart, where users hold their device camera toward the sky and the app, uses AR technology to input the constellations in the night sky. Another app lets users become immersed in a world of dinosaurs, called Dinosaurs Everywhere. This also uses AR technology to input what look like dinosaurs onto the physical setting.