The Rise of The Ethereum Faucets And Ether Free

It was only a matter of time until the first faucets for Ethereum started to appear on the Internet. The main goal of these platform sis to distribute virtual currency at no cost to the recipient, other than spending a bit of time on particular websites entering codes or clicking ads. With the recent Ether price surge, Ethereum faucets like Ether Free will become more and more important, opening up interesting new business models for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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The Era of Ethereum Faucets

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When Bitcoin first arrived on the scene, people wanted to get their hands on some free coins as soon as possible. Back in those days, Bitcoin faucets would give users a full Bitcoin – or more – every time they made a claim, dispensing a high amount of funds. Then again, BTC was worth nothing at that time, and getting it in the hands of many people as possible was the main goal.

But things have changed in recent years; as Bitcoin faucets are becoming less valuable to experiencedcommunity members due to lower amounts being dispensed. That is only normal, considering how the Bitcoin price is sitting at over US$400 right now. No one in their right mind will give away Bitcoin for free, despite making money from and revenue.

Ethereum faucets have been very scarce up until now, but Ether Free wants to change that. This platform will act as a faucet rotator, allowing users to earn the maximum amount of funds from browsing through all of these websites with even less effort than normal. Although there are only 14 different Ethereum faucets to rotate through right now, that number is likely to increase over the next few months as this concept becomes more popular.

Similar to their Bitcoin counterparts, Ethereum faucets will not dispense ridiculous amounts of funds at any given time. However, by rotating the faucets on a regular basis, users can get their hands on a decent amount of ETH. Do keep in mind to turn off any and blockers you might be running when browsing through these Ethereum faucets though, otherwise you will be unable to claim any reward you might be entitled to.

It will be interesting to see whether or not existing Bitcoin faucet operators will make the switch to Ethereum, or decide to run the two side by side in the near future.Ethereum faucets create new opportunities for people looking to earn some passive income though, as site owners can earn a fair bit of money from and revenue. The important part is to make a new platform stand out from other Ethereum faucets.

Website: Ether Free

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