The Rise of Online Coaching

Since the pandemic, and even before, people have been turning to the internet to learn and grow. The online coaching space is growing exponentially across many fields, as there are many benefits to be had from working with experts online. 

Some of the most expansive fields in the e-coaching space include self-help and personal training. 

Benefits of Online Coaching

The success of coaching in the online space can be attributed to various factors – among the most prevalent being the ability to be unencumbered by geographical limits. 

Due to this aspect, coaches are finding that they can connect with more individuals and subsequently are able to offer their services at a more discounted rate. 

Another added benefit of the online realm is that it’s easier to stay up-to-date with current information. This results from more knowledge being shared and more accountability due to the information being shared on a larger scale.

Self Help Coaches

One of the biggest players in the self-help field is Tony Robbins. Getting into his live and in-person events can cost individuals anywhere from $650 to $3,000. This does not include the price for his business consultations and one-on-one mentorships.

For many people, this cost can be hard to facilitate, but with the introduction of self-help from the comfort of your own home, more people are able to learn from the masters in their field. This has opened up people’s ability to connect with individuals they would have previously been financially incapable of learning from.

Although many events and information may be free, there are also a variety of other individuals in the same sphere as Tony Robbins that are offering their services and expertise to act as mentors and coaches. 

There are typically varying degrees of interaction and coaching you can pay for. What may start as a weekend seminar, which is often free or costs a minimal fee between $30 and $50, can then turn into a more long-term relationship ranging from a one time fee that guarantees a more personalized coaching approach to a subscription service that aids individuals in obtaining the support they need for their business or other goals and personal pursuits. 

Personal Training Coaches

Similar to online mentorships for self-help and improvement, online personal training is also beneficial as it connects you with the best experts in the field. Not only are you working with well-qualified and proven experts, but you also have the choice of working within your comfort zone. For some individuals, it may be more comfortable working from home, but you can also take your personalized workout to the gym.

An added benefit of working with an online trainer is that you don’t have to work within a small frame of availability. Oftentimes, online programs have pre-recorded workouts, apps that take you through a personalized workout, or written workouts that often have videos that show the proper form. 

An online personal trainer is also beneficial because you can typically message your trainer any time of day, and they can message you back at their convenience. Working with a personal trainer will often coincide with the added benefit of nutrition coaching as well. This helps to attack your health and wellness from multiple angles, helping to create a greater chance of success. 

Working with a trainer online can often help to eliminate the shame that can be associated with diets and exercise. In a society where over 40% of adults are obese, exercising can be scary, but when working with someone online, you are able to work at your pace and limit any negativity you may feel from outside sources.


Online coaching is going to continue to expand and improve. There is already a multitude of other fields that are utilizing the power of technology and engaging with their clients online. 

From makeup and hair tutorials to therapy sessions and medical consultations, the online space is ever-growing and improving. Online coaching is truly the future as it shares knowledge, expertise, and support and expands the mind of whoever chooses to utilize its power.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash