The Post-KnC Miner Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Landscape

Now that KnC Miner has filed for bankruptcy, the Bitcoin mining world lost one of its primary suppliers. With the Bitcoin halving just around the corner, the future of mining will be shaped by the company who first managed to keep mining profitable. With the playing field thinning even further, let’s see who is left.

The Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Race Continues

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It is important to distinguish between Bitcoin mining companies who offer physical hardware and those who offer cloud mining contracts. While these two business models do not have to be mutually exclusive, there are very few companies who can juggle both aspects at the same time. In this article, we are interested in the hardware providers.

BitMain is one of the top companies who are still producing Bitcoin mining hardware to this very day. After being in business for several years now, the company is still actively providing equipment to customers. More importantly, they have been making some noteworthy progress in bringing down the overall power consumption of their devices.

HashCoins provide mining hardware as well, although most people know this company for their cloud mining contracts. The company is based in Estonia, and they did not put all of their eggs into the same mining basket. Supporting SHA-256, Scrypt, and Scrypt-n rigs is a diversified strategy for this company, albeit it remains to be seen how they will evolve in the Bitcoin mining sector.

Avalon is still in the Bitcoin mining business as well, although very few people seem to take notice of this company in recent years. Additionally, they have also stopped developing their own chips by the look of things, as their latest miners are still running on 40nm chips. However, now that there are very few companies actively developing hardware, they might revive their R&D in this field.

SwMining is the final company who is actively developing miners, although this small company might be well worth keeping an eye on. While the company is specialized in building Ethereum mining equipment, now might be a prominent time to look at the Bitcoin sector as well. More competition wouldn’t hurt right now.

Note from the Author: BitFury is not mentioned, as they develop mining chips, but not plug-and-play hardware.

Source: CryptoCompare

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