Sports Gambling – What You Need to Know

Gambling and betting on outcomes has long been one of the most popular pastimes of humanity. Whether major money or a friendly wager, we bet constantly. One of the more popular options today is betting on sports, although political wagers have also become rather popular lately.

Sports Gambling’s Popularity

While Americans have many options for online sports gambling, casinos, and indeed an entire city dedicated to betting (Las Vegas), European countries seem to have many more places to gamble both online and offline. When I lived in London, I could not go more than three city blocks without coming across one of the many “bookies” shops where individuals could place bets on matches. It felt like there were millions more of them compared with the United States.

Since the start of the digital era, gamblers and betting enthusiasts have flocked to the online sphere. Online gambling has paved the way for many newcomers and veterans alike to wager on their favorite sports teams. The wagers that can be made do not stop at “Team A will win” or “Team B will lose.” Sports betting usually involves specific scores, time events, and even player injuries. The sky is the limit for the amount of things one can bet on.

Some of these online gambling platforms have even attracted the attention of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially with the blockchain providing transparency into winnings. There are many options available nowadays for online gamblers — both fiat and crypto — but users should be careful to play only on sites which give them fair odds and have the proper licensing in place so that they actually will get paid when they win. There is no point in gambling if there is no chance of winning, and even less of a point if one is not awarded their prize money.

One of the more popular and fair online sports betting sites is BetOlimp. This fully licensed European sports betting platform operates in the EU. For the best live football (soccer) odds check out BetOlimp’s live odds page. They also operate a South African version of the site offering the same promos.

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