The P2P World

The world seems to be trending toward a more decentralized self, giving more steam to the peer to peer (P2P) movement. Where before most individuals relied on heavily centralized institutions and businesses for services, we now see individuals looking to change the way they consume those goods and services. The market has responded accordingly.

The Peer to Peer World

Whether this trend was before Bitcoin and the blockchain or Bitcoin and the blockchain were the market’s response for greater decentralization, this is the world we are increasingly living in. Since the inception of the internet, people have become more and more aware of the security of their conversations online -or lack thereof-. Even when platforms provided security, the knowledge of governmental backdoors provided by the company to the government can make using some services less appealing.

You do not have to be a criminal or any unsavory character to want to have your conversations private. Decentralized platforms and encrypted messages and other forms of communications are logical responses to that desire. The market responds accordingly again.

Business need to embrace Peer to Peer

As the market, and most other aspects of modern life, responds to calls for more decentralization we see some businesses slow to adopt it. This is where blockchain technologies can really help business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) interactions become less centralized and thus have to rely on the ailing age of centralized institutions less as well.

Clients -both consumer and business- want to be sure that their data is safe and secure. This is one of the reasons that Blockchain technologies are beginning to thrive in the private sector. It is not just for individuals to use anymore, the Blockchain as real world implications for businesses.

There is a social and business solution to this called Crypviser. The need for secure and decentralized messaging and monetary transfers are filled with this solution. It is a blockchain backed communications platform that securely encrypts and transmits almost all forms of communication. From instant chats, to voice and video calling, and even conference calls, Crypviser’s unique model allows for security and peace of mind when it comes to information security. Though it is largely geared toward businesses as a secure communications and storage solution, it also can act as a social platform for those who just want more privacy in their lives without fear of governmental or business backdoors.

Crypviser also can act as a virtual payment system with its native token CVCoin. This part of the app is called CVPay and acts very similarly to many of the crypto wallets we know today. It allows for the transfer of tokens quickly, anonymously, and securely. This could be a game changer, considering similar “peer to peer” pay apps like venmo, google wallet, and other similar apps can identify you as a recipient or sender of funds. CVPay provides that convenience but gives you back the power over your privacy.

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