The New Ransomware On The Block is Called Cryptobit

Although CryptXXX remains the largest Bitcoin ransomware threat to this very date, it is certainly not the only worry. Cryptobit is another type of ransomware with very similar effects. Although this latter variant is relatively new, its impact should not be underestimated. Through the injection of fake Google Analytics code, both types of ransomware are infected WordPress and Joomla-based websites.

More Concerns For Internet Users

Similar to how CryptXXX is being spread, the Neutrino exploit kit can also be used to distribute Cryptobit. This new type of ransomware has security experts concerned, as it is a new form of infection security software has no solution for at this time. Moreover, this ransomware is distributed through infected websites.

Regardless of whether these sites use WordPress or Joomla as their backend, both types can be infected to spread the ransomware. Cryptobit has only been around for a few weeks, though, and this new type of ransomware has not made a significant impact yet. Now that internet criminals are using the Neutrino exploit kit to distribute the payload, that situation may come to change very soon.

For the time being, it remains a mystery how this new solution managed to target both WordPress and Joomla at the same time. Out of date versions of either CMS is the biggest culprit, and it is possible the two share a common vulnerability. An outdated plugin or extension could be a driving factor.

Interestingly enough, Cryptobit is not making its victims pay in Bitcoin either. The ransom note does not make a mention of how users should pay, nor is it known how much the ransom amount is. Different variants of the ransomware have been identified as well, and roughly eight different versions were discovered so far.

It goes without saying the new Cryptobit ransomware threat is very disconcerting. As long as there is no convenient solution to tackle this infection, users will have to rely on the goodwill of criminals to have their files decrypted. However, with no clear ransom demands, that challenge may be a lot tougher than anticipated.

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