“The Last Moments” Lets Viewers Experience Assisted Suicide In VR

Virtual reality is a great piece of technology and offers many possibilities for the future. The Last Moments is a very different kind of virtual reality, though, as it allows “users” to experience assisted suicide. A very controversial business model, according to some people, yet the team behind The Last Moments feels this is an important project.

Experiencing Assisted Suicide Through Virtual Reality

The topic of assisted suicide is quite controversial in its own right. Resorting to this method as a way to end suffering is a moral gray area, even though there is are valid reasons to use this option. The Last Moments proves to be quite a difficult pill to swallow, as this project offers an actual virtual reality experience of someone going through the thought process of choosing for assisted suicide.

This entire movie is filmed with the use of virtual reality technology to create a more realistic experience. It all goes down in the Dignitas clinic, a Swiss facility specialized in assisted suicide. It is also quite an interactive experience, as the player’s “partner” will ask if the player has any last words.

The Last Moments is also designed to provide players with an ethical question. During this movie experience, the player sees the text “Death, is it your right to choose?” flash on the screen. Viewers will undoubtedly make a decision to see how the rest of this scenario plays out. ┬áThis is by far one of the most impressive VR experiences the world has seen so far, and rest assured it will bring some people to tears as they go through the motions.

Dealing with assisted suicide is a very personal and difficult subject, to say the least. Especially when you have a family member or friend who recently went through a similar process. Being part of such an experience through someone else’s eyes is very disturbing, yet it can also have a positive effect in the long run. It gives people insight as to why someone would make this difficult decision in the first place.

Although the player will never know who the patient is or why they came to this point, pictures and interactions are worth a thousand words. In fact, it is very likely players will not even ask themselves those questions either, until the experience has settled in and they can look at it from a rational perspective. This virtual reality effort is designed to be “enjoyed”, although it does give that word a whole new meaning, to say the least.

The Swiss Dignitas clinic was not too amused by this VR concept at first, although they are pleased with the end result. The Last Moments is a very gripping VR experience, even if the characterization leaves a lot to be desired. It is unclear if this VR experience will ever become available on a large scale. It is recorded in the form of a movie, which is currently finishing on the festival circuit. It is possible The Last Moments will be made available online in the future, although that has not been confirmed as of yet.

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