The Future of Bitcoin Payments Remains Uncertain

Many people wonder what the future will hold for bitcoin payments. As numerous supporters no longer deal with BTC in 2019, that outlook remains uncertain.

A lot of companies have tried to accept bitcoin payments in recent years.

Bitcoin Payments Remain a Problem in 2019

Some companies stick with that decision, whereas others bow out fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, it seems that this uneasy status quo will remain in effect for some time to come.

The loss of Adyen may be one of the biggest blows to bitcoin payments in recent years. 

Over the years, Adyen has grown into one of the most popular online payment processors. 

Albeit they supported bitcoin pretty quickly, that situation has come to change for the worse.

In 2019, the payment processor no longer accepts bitcoin, despite noting massive overall payment growth.

The exact reason for removing BTC support still remains somewhat unclear at this time.

Unfortunately, Adyen is not the only major name to drop support for BTC.

Microsoft did so earlier, although there are still ways – less obvious ones – to use bitcoin through its online platform.

Steam, perhaps the biggest online video game store, enabled and dropped bitcoin payment support in recent years as well.

It appears to be rather difficult for companies to warrant the sue of bitcoin as  a payment option, even in 2019 and beyond.

One can only hope that this situation will turn around soon.