The Free State Project and the Role Bitcoin Plays in it

People today are constantly straining their brows as they try to digest just how unjust and unfair some things are in their society. Whether it is partial or improper justice, obsolete laws, radical ideologies of people in power that stand contrary to the true spirit of the people, many are still disappointed with their governments.

A government is a body of the best among the people in a region in its true spirit, and when that government fails to do what it should do, people start losing faith. While many people are unhappy with this, not all express their concern and a very small proportion of those decide to take action. Some actions are rash while others are calculated and thought out. The Free State Project belongs to the latter category.

What is the Free State Project?

The Free State Project is a pledge between people to move to New Hampshire in a bid to create a state where the quintessential rights of a society, life, liberty, and prosperity, are promoted and protected by people. The movement was basically an agreement that 20,000 people move to New Hampshire as soon as the same number of people signed a statement of intent put forth by the movement.

The movement was announced in 2001, New Hampshire elected as the place people would move to in 2003, and the number of people signing the statement of intent crossed 20,000 on February 3, 2016. As per the agreement, the 20,000 people who have signed with the Free State Project and are now Free Staters have to move to New Hampshire within the next 5 years.

Who are Free Staters?

A few thousand people have already moved to New Hampshire. The reasons New Hampshire was chosen as the place where Free Staters would relocate once the move was on was because of the state’s lenient tax laws and regulations, low population, low crime rate, and a free-thinking and open-minded native populace.

Free Staters are not all social activists, as one might think. Many are people that work within the political system and aim to help people with better laws that protect their freedom. Others are people that bring to notice the things the Free State Project stands for, while the remaining ones have large proportions of people working in the business sector and who share the same thoughts and beliefs.

Already, many Free Staters who have moved to New Hampshire have been elected in the state’s government.

Importance of Bitcoin

Free Staters are people who are against the government’s regime of taxation. All forms of payments impose a service charge or tax on the one making the payment for the service offered. Also, such services are viewed by many as those that make the most of the people dependent on them.

This is where Bitcoins are different. For one, no central authority or agency manages bitcoin, so there is no legislation by a governing body on the use of bitcoins. The taxes on Bitcoins are negligible. No account needs to be setup that requires providing personal information and documents of importance.

All these as well as the fact that Bitcoin is a technological innovation that is one of its kind attracts Free Staters to use it. Bitcoin is a service that has freedom built into its very core. It gives people the freedom they want. Therefore, Free Staters have been active in their support and use of Bitcoins.


The Free State Project has now got the required number of signatures it initially set out to get. The movement is on, and the people now have 5 years to move to New Hampshire. This project will be in the news more frequently in the coming years for sure.

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