The First Kosher NFT Certificate Was Presented to the Minister of Finance of Israel

The JewCoin DAO Ecosystem, already notorious in the cryptocurrency market, is progressively developing. Last week, representatives of JewCoin, the first kosher DAO ecosystem, presented Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman with a certificate for owning a unique NFT Digital Hamsa crypto amulet.

NFT JewCoin DAO certificate for Avigdor Lieberman.

We have to admit that the JewCoin team’s desire to provide investors and their wallets with digital amulets in the cryptocurrency market, is no longer a joke. JEW memcoin is no longer just a tool for speculation and farming, but the unit of account of the entire JewDAO ecosystem. JEW token used to purchase a unique NFT collection and gives its holders voting rights (as part of the governance mechanism) to JewDAO. Moreover, unlike most coins in the crypto market, it has a rug-pull stability property whereby 5% of all transactions are returned to the liquidity pools to all coin holders and locked for 40 years!

Tokens JEW may be purchased on the decentralized platform PancakeSwap:

What makes JewCoin so appealing to investors and the community? 

It is worth noting here that the developers of the project bring a unique experience by implementing the concept of archiving Jewish cultural heritage and tokenization of scriptures using blockchain technology.

First of all, JewCoin managed to transfer the Torah commandments to blockchain (The First Digital NFT Torah), which made it possible to tokenize them in NFT.

The First Digital NFT Torah is based on 613 Jewish commandments from the Torah. In addition, the project plans to digitize many other things; Mezuzahs, songs, poems, prayers, stories, books, music, and more that deal with Jewish themes. The main products from the NFT collection were the Digital Hamsa crypto-amulets, which are designed to provide holders and their crypto-wallets with good luck, financial prosperity, and investment efficiency.

It is also noteworthy that the entire tokenomics of JewCoin is built on the concept of Jewish tithing, מעשר ראשון (ma’aser rishon). That is, the entire issue of JEW tokens is distributed at 10% and blocked for important tasks. Also, part of JewCoin’s working capital, in the form of 10%, goes to synagogues, supporting all Jewish people and in support of developing Jewish projects in the digital marketplace!

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