The Emerald Wallet Upgrade for Ethereum Classic Solves Ledger Issues

Although it is often overlooked, the Ethereum Classic ecosystem is still evolving rather nicely. With a new Emerald Wallet upgrade available to users, the upcoming core upgrade should pose no real problems.

It is crucial to keep a core crypto wallet updated at all times.

Ethereum Classic Trucks Along Nicely

Every cryptocurrency network has its “default” solution, as well as a variety of other wallet options.

For Ethereum Classic, the Emerald Wallet is widely considered to be the best option worth exploring. 

Following a recent update, several minor updates and one core bug fix have been introduced. 

Under the previous version, there were some potential issues with Ledger hardware wallets, but those are now resolved in full.

This upgrade serves a secondary major purpose.

Not only does it address the one issue, but it also helps pave the way for the Phoenix upgrade.

That core network upgrade will go into effect in June of 2020.

Phoenix represents a core upgrade for Ethereum Classic users and enthusiasts.

Every now and then, every cryptocurrency network will get such a big upgrade, and they need to be pulled off smoothly.

Once everyone upgraded their Emerald Wallet, nothing can prevent the Phoenix upgrade, by the look of things. 

For Ethereum Classic supporters, this is promising news.