The Digitalcoin Foundation is now in need of a new leader

The cryptocurrency environment is filled with a couple of great currencies, all of which have some potential of their own. Apart from bitcoin which has clearly set the standard, there are a couple of altcoins with quite a lot of popularity. One of these is Digitalcoin, and ever since it was created, the cryptocurrency has gone through different struggles, but has managed to overcome most and become a prominent figure on the market. However, the latest developments are bound to hurt it, unless something is done to help it rise back again.

Digitalcoin was originally created by Baritus, and the fact that it had a powerful system behind it, quickly transformed the cryptocurrency into one of the most darling on the market. Thanks to this, it had also gathered a good number of followers and quite a lot of attention, until an unfortunate event ended up being its undoing. Not too long ago, the creator of the currency was apparently robbed by an ex-employee out of 560,000 DGCs, which at that time’s current trade value, meant a lot in bitcoin, or fiat. What’s surprising is the fact that most of the DGCs stolen were dumped.

About a year ago, the Digitalcoin Foundation was formed and initially led by rawdawg. In the next couple of months, the cryptocurrency was featured in a good number of places, including at a couple of conventions, where it was open-heartedly welcomed. However, after a year or so, rawdawg disappeared and baritus, the creator of the currency had resigned. After this event, kenel took over as the official President of the Foundation, and announced that the cryptocurrency was now being taken over by the Foundation, and that they will be responsible for its development and future.

Shortly after this, Digitalcoin V3 was released, worked on by highly respected developers ahmed and xawksow, and there was some excitement around DGC, but since then, no major evolution had taken place since kenel assumed his position as the President of the Foundation and around a week ago, he decided to resign his position, stating that the community would be better off without the leader. However, many believe that this was a cop out, and that the community is now in need of a leader more than it has ever been until now.

It’s unclear whether the Digitalcoin Foundation still exists or not, and it appears that the community is now desperately in need of a leader, but no one in the Foundation is currently willing to assume the position and take charge of it, hence someone else from the outside will need to go ahead and step up in order to provide some direction, in hopes that the coin can once again rise to prominence and have an important influence on the market as it used to until now.

With everything that has been outlined so far in mind, anyone who feels like they would be a right fit for leading the Digitalcoin Foundation, would be encouraged to step in and convince others that he is good enough for the position. However, it is important to keep in mind that the position will require a lot of responsibility, as the Foundation needs a leader who will be able to bring everyone together, in hopes of promoting the currency and making sure that more people begin using it.

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