The Corona project is happy to give Dapp developers access to funding and resources

Most of us are aware of the datum that the Blockchain network has very limited functionality at this moment in time, regardless of the fact that it has a lot of potential and that millions of people have gotten involved with it.

As the market continues to adapt and evolve, new and revolutionary technologies are situated just around the corner, and in a couple of years, all of these will work towards a better financial system, and an Internet system, where things can actually be done well. With this in mind, financial opportunities, unbiased data, the freedom of speech and of choice, but also true privacy all represent areas that we have to focus on in order to make sure that everything goes ahead as planned.

However, can the system really become secure, decentralized and autonomous in the case that developers do not have access to enough resources and funding in order to make their ideas a reality? The Corona project was created to help the development of smart contract-based applications, which will have the opportunity to defy all of the corporation monopolies, which are unfortunately leading the market at this moment in time.

To put things better into perspective, Corona is a hub for Dapp developers that supports all of the decentralized platforms such as Bitcoin, Codius, Factom, Omni, CounterParty and more. With this in mind, it is more of a network where developers from all around the world can discuss different ideas, but also get access to a wide variety of resources and funding opportunities, which will, in turn, help them come up with new ideas, while also powering the future of decentralized apps, cryptocurrencies, the Internet and the current financial system.

Now that the project has launched, those who would like to support it will also receive credits which can then be used to get access to a variety of Dapps that are being crafted within the network, while also helping in their development.

With everything that has been outlined so far in mind, the Corona project aims to support different autonomous services and apps including online gaming, file sharing, web hosting, P2P finance, social messaging and more, thus building the next generation of Internet applications, with the help of the Blockchain technology and all of those who have taken an interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What do you personally think about the Corona project? Let us know your thoughts.

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