The Alternative to Masternodes: FIC Network

There’s a new Cryptocurrency project making its way through social media as the best thing since masternodes. FIC Network, for those unfamiliar, aims to revolutionize the fixed income markets through blockchain technology, bringing a wave of new and exciting investment opportunities for cryptocurrency investors. So what is FIC, and what does any of this have to do with masternodes?

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Masternodes are an investment vehicle that pay investors a passive income for owning and hosting a node, which consists of owning a required number of that blockchain’s tokens on the company’s network. You can think of a masternode as essentially a server on a decentralized network. Masternodes store a real-time copy of the blockchain, thus avoiding the issue of the network having a single point of attack. Masternodes often grant non-financial benefits to their holders, such as voting rights or faster transactions. However, the most appealing incentive to hold a masternode is by and large passive income. As a reward for supporting the network, masternode holders receive returns in the form of newly minted coins. In the current cryptocurrency landscape, no other investments offer competitive passive income rates. Masternode opportunities, however, are limited to just a handful of coins. In traditional markets, passive income options are accessible for a very wide range of capital. Where are these options for non-masternode coins?

This is where FIC Network comes in. FIC is an institutionally-focused fintech project working on merging traditional financial investments with the world of cryptocurrency. This network will offer users the passive income benefits of masternodes through a decentralized, streamlined process that allows users to lend their cryptocurrencies for fixed interest rates. Put simply, FIC allows you to turn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency holdings into a revenue stream. The potential of this platform is huge—if you could make even more money from your Bitcoin holdings… why wouldn’t you?

FIC Network is a blockchain-based network, designed to create a financial market enabling users from around the world to list, buy, and sell any type of fixed financial income instrument, in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Through traditional fiat or cryptocurrency payments, users will have access to bonds, loans, credit default swaps, loan syndication and more traditional investments currently unavailable to cryptocurrency. This is a game-changing development that is completely necessary for a developing space.

What makes FIC stand out is its flexibility as a passive income source. No longer will you need to find tens out thousands of dollars for a Vechain or Dash masternode. You will be able to generate passive income from a wider range of cryptocurrencies beyond staking coins, including Bitcoin. FIC is aiming to allow a wider than ever range of people to earn interest on their crypto assets. In one example, through their creation of ECFs (Expected Cash Flows), FIC Network takes individual packages of smaller debt and repackages these into a single debt pool. In a scenario where ten people owe $1000, FIC Network repackages these into a single debt pool of $10,000 where investors can buy in with as much or as little as they feel comfortable investing. This provides the same passive income stability as masternodes on a much smaller, more affordable scale, opening the doors to a much wider audience.

FIC Network is an ambitious project. Bridging the gap between traditional financial and cryptocurrency is no easy task, but FIC has managed to not only bridge the gap but also streamline it. For example, FIC plans to implement a proprietary decentralized exchange that will allow users to only interact with the cryptocurrency of their choosing – so your Bitcoin loan will show up in someone else’s bank account as the currency of their choice! Thanks to the blockchain, FIC participants will be able to invest in bonds with full transparency and without the need for intermediaries, drastically reducing settlement times and overall cost, allowing for a wider profit margin. The applications for a global fiat and crypto secondary market could put  your finances in your own hands in a way that has never been seen before.

With couple years of development under their belt, the FIC team is proving themselves more than competent on realising their goals. This all may seem too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s a necessary step for the future with cryptocurrency, and it is believed FIC is positioned to dominate this opportunity.