Tezos (XTZ) Whales Have Found Another Attraction – The Sparklo (SPRK) Presale!

Those who purchase Tezos (XTZ) in its early stages have seen significant gains, but like many other cryptos, this prominent token has fallen recently. Because of this, investors are now looking at Sparklo – a Level One presale project that could yield them tremendous wealth in the future! Keep on reading to find out why!

Tezos (XTZ) Continues Sinking On The Charts

Recently, walt.id developed an open-source NFT infrastructure layer for the Tezos (XTZ) ecosystem. Tezos (XTZ) developers now have access to comprehensive tools that make it simple and quick to create apps using NFTs.

Despite this news, Tezos (XTZ) has not been living up to expectations, as it now has a value of $1.06 and a market cap of $989M, a fall of 1.65% in the past 24 hours. The trading volume has also decreased by 17.36% in that same time, currently standing at $25,789,110.

The technical analysis for Tezos (XTZ) also paints a dire picture, with its moving averages and technical indicators showing strong sell signals. As a bearish sentiment surrounds Tezos (XTZ), holders are hunting for other projects with more real-world utility and upside potential.

Sparklo (SPRK) – The Top Presale Of 2023?

Sparklo aims to resolve all issues facing the metal investing and trading industry. High transaction fees, lengthy delays, and limited access to new investment options will be a thing of the past as Sparklo will create the first metal trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain!

All investment options on this platform will be minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But that is not the best part – all of them will be backed by rare metals such as silver, gold, and platinum! Afterward, Sparklo will fractionalize them, allowing more individuals to become fractional owners of these metals for an affordable price without purchasing the complete item.

However, for those who wish to take it a step further and buy 100% of an NFT, Sparklo will go above and beyond by sending the metal supporting it to your chosen location. With just a single NFT purchase, you may obtain a real platinum bar sent to your doorstep!

Another area that we must discuss is security, and Sparklo will excel in that too. An audit by InterFi Network has been finished, while the KYC audit is now underway. Moreover, the Sparklo team will lock team tokens for 1,000 years and liquidity for 100 years – no rug-pulls here!

As we all know, investing in promising projects during their beginning stages is the perfect combination for long-term gains. And you can test this theory by purchasing the Sparklo token, which has a current presale price of only $0.015! But, as the presale advances, so will its value, with some analysts predicting it may reach $0.40 by November 2023!

Sign up for the presale below and reap the rewards as Sparklo looks to become an industry leader!

Find out more about the presale:

Buy Presale: https://invest.sparklo.finance

Website: https://sparklo.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparklo_finance

Telegram: https://t.me/sparklofinance

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