Tezos Investors May Finally Receive Their Tokens Soon

The Tezos debacle has gone on for quite some time now. It seems investors may finally have a solution within reach. With the Tezos Foundation Board being reshuffled a bit, the tokens should finally be released to investors in the near future.

A Solution for Tezos Investors?

The past few weeks and months have been a pretty problematic time for most Tezos investors. None of the purchased tokens have been issued as of right now, and this situation has dragged on for some time. An ongoing difference of opinion between the Tezos founders and the Tezos Foundation Board has caused a lot of friction which could have easily been avoided. Not seeing eye-to-eye has only hurt investors, but it seems things may finally be made right.

More specifically, the Tezos Foundation has appointed two new members to the Board. Johann Gevers, one of the individuals associated with the ongoing Tezos token debacle, and Diego Olivier Fernandez will be replaced. It appears this decision was made unanimously and voluntarily, as both individuals want to support the Tezos Foundation in an optimal capacity moving forward. This seems to indicate that a lot of the internal friction has been sorted out in an amicable manner.

With this change in the Tezos Foundation Board, it seems we may finally see things move along for Tezos investors. More specifically, this reshuffling is being heralded as the fresh start needed to launch the Tezos network as soon as possible. Additionally, it will lead to investors finally receiving their long-awaited tokens. For now, it remains unclear when this will happen exactly, but it shouldn’t take all that long to be finalized.

This particular development may also bring an end to the ongoing lawsuits filed against the Tezos founders and other individuals associated with this particular project. Several such lawsuits have been filed over the past few months, as a lot of investors are concerned regarding how things have unfolded so far. It is only normal that investors are not all that patient when it comes to receiving tokens they allegedly purchased several months prior. This particular ICO has been subject to one of the longest delays ever when it comes to issuing tokens. For the time being, there is still no official release date set for this token, as it seems the change in the Board is just the first step toward achieving that goal.

All of this further highlights the risks associated with investing in any initial coin offering. There is never any guarantee that investors will actually get their tokens, especially not within the time frame most people would expect. Although Tezos raised a lot of money very quickly, the way they went about things leaves a lot to be desired. Most people are not impressed with the way things have gone in this regard, yet it remains to be seen if the project can get back in the good graces of investors once these issues are finally put to rest.