Texas Man Charged With Buying Explosives on Dark Net

On Monday Cary Lee Ogborn was arrested and accused of attempting to purchase explosives for the purpose of injury or destruction of property. Ogborn, 50, sourced the explosives from dark net.

The indictment stated that Ogborn picked up a package last Friday that contained what he suspected to be a grenade and a stick of dynamite complete with a wireless detonator. It continued to say that he communicated, and paid undercover federal agents $600 in bitcoin last month for the explosives.

Prosecutors said that Ogborn’s “extremely poor operational security” that got him caught.

On August 27th, Ogborn, under the screen name boatmanstv, messaged a vendor who so happened to be an undercover officer with the FBI.

The contact between the two:

“Ok fuse not the best for you job. We get dynamite no problem you use that instead of gas yes? We send you kit from my country for dynamite with trigger you just place under building and go use present number you call to ignite. Simple you know that how we build it so no mistake. All parts they from EU for that so nobody find anything. The trick is getting explosion hot enough to burn that can be difficult. It important to use the right explosive. Is building like a house or different there stuff inside or empty you know? Sorry we ask it important to make device work you know. If you rather talk email we do that no problem or this work too. We use email. We wait to hear about that.”

Boatsmanstv reply:

“This com is fine, I use multi hop vpn, no worries. The building like shed or storage, so yes like a house of wood. I guess I could use ¼ stick TNT and gas to make sure it burns, or diesel fuel I may use presser sprayer to wet down the outside of the building Right before I trigger it to help the burn. Don’t know exactly whats inside but person using for an apartment. Person will not be there when set off. Don’t want to kill, just send message. Thanks boatsmanstv.”

Undercover reply:

“hello everything look very nice. We send box that have grenade and a dynamite alarm trigger yes. We send tracking when reship put in box in post. What email we can send picture and instruction yo know what to expect” …boatsmanstv, “send to [email protected] So when are you shipping and how long to you think it will take to arrive.”

Later the same day, the FBI send a stuffed animal stuffed with the “explosives” and sent out the USPS tracking number.

Even when Ogborn switched to PGP encrypted email, which he referred to as ppg, it didn’t matter. After the FBI obtained the shipping address, it was over for Ogborn.

September 8th the FBI took records from USPS showing that the person who was registered to that box provided a 832 area coded phone number. The same records show that the man used a Georgia I.D. and phony car insurance, along with a real Houston address. USPS also noted the man drove a dark colored Chevrolet Corvette. The FBI then dispatched agents to the address, and found a boat repair garage with the name “Cary’s Mobile Marine Services” two blocks away. The building also displayed an 832 phone number, that was only off by a single digit from the one that was given at the post office. They also found a dark colored Corvette in the garage.

The FBI also did an analysis on the email address they were given, and Microsoft handed over records. They found that whoever was in possession of the account at outlook, was email photos of Ogborn to another email account, [email protected]. The FBI did a relatively fast search and found the email linked a BBB directory for a firm called “Your Mobile Boat Dr”, which Ogborn was listed as the owner of. The real Houston address was also linked to the BBB profile.

Information points to either Microsoft, or the ISP gave up records providing information that the IP address associated with the outlook email address to the address listed for Your Mobile Boat Doctor.”

30 minutes after the package was opened, Ogborn was arrested.

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