Tesla Files Application to Enter the UK as an Electricity Provider

Technology companies are always trying to increase their footprint on society. In the case of Tesla, the company is seemingly inclined to enter the UK electricity sector. 

Most people are familiar with Tesla as a company right now.

Tesla Eyes a Brand new Market

Its main focus comes in the form of building and manufacturing electric vehicles.

Following some recent developments, the company is trying to focus on the UK market.

Not just in the form of electric cars either, but as an electricity provider.

A license application was filed

earlier in the week.

If granted, Tesla will become active on this market through its Autobidder platform.

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No further details regarding this application are known at this time.

There is no inclination as to why the company is trying to get in on this market or what it aims to do exactly. 

Autobidder is a platform designed to facilitate automated energy trading.

To this date, it has only been put to the test at Tesla’s Hornsdale Power Reserve in Australia.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what the future will hold exactly.

More competition in the UK’s electricity sector can always be beneficial, assuming the license will be granted to Tesla. 

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