Tesla Announces Rooftop Tiles With Embedded Solar Panel Capabilities

The world of technology is filled with new opportunities waiting to be explored. Tesla, while famous for creating some of the most desired cars in the world, is looking into different markets as well. One of their new projects revolves around roof tiles with integrated solar panels. A very practical concept, as it removes those “ugly” panels from rooftops.

Solar Panels Embedded in Roof Tiles Are A Thing

One thing is for sure, the technology industry has created some unusual products in recent years. Concurrently, now is a great time to be alive and be witness to what marvels are coming to us next. Tesla, while receiving a lot of praise for their car manufacturing skills, wants to solve another pressing problem with potentially global implications.

Many consumers around the world have invested in solar panels, both as a way to “go green” as well as to reduce their energy bills. There is, however, one problem with this concept; it remains an expensive investment. As a side effect, solar panels hardly ever blend in with existing rooftops, making them stand out like  sore thumbs.  Tesla may have cracked the code to solve both problems at once.

By announcing their new solar panel-embedded rooftop tiles during an event yesterday, Elon Musk managed to shock the world once again. Every single roof title of a house or apartment complex can be transformed into a solar energy-receiving surface. More importantly, they look just like any other roof in the world, with no hint of there being solar panels embedded within, whatsoever.

What is even more impressive is how Tesla uses quartz material, giving these tiles a nearly endless lifecycle. Furthermore, this makes the tiles much stronger compared to traditional offerings, and they can be made in various colors to suit customer needs. But the real killer app is how these tiles can be connected to a Powerwall battery, which can store unused solar energy for later usage.

To be more precise,  the newly announced Powerwall unit can store a total of 14 Kilowatt hours. That is a significant improvement, although it does come at a high price  Elon Musk hinted at a US$5,500 price tag for this device alone, although it could repay itself in a few years time. A price for the rooftop tiles has not been communicated yet.

One further factor to take into account is how these new rooftops will have to be “installed,” which also has a price tag. Musk mentioned how this process would be cheaper compared to having a contractor complete the construction. Unfortunately, it remains unclear if these new products will be available on a global scale by next year.

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