Ten Billion Coin Boosts Triple IEO Launch with Third Major Partnership

Blockchain platform Ten Billion Coin has announced its third significant partnership with multi-billion RMB partner, NanTong Wonder Petro-Chemical Engineering Company. The news comes alongside its 28th August 2019 launch of three simultaneous initial exchange offering (IEO) listings across large-scale exchanges. 

Ten Billion Coin is a new blockchain that has been designed to help entrust and empower Chinese industries. It is the maker of what it believes is the very first Chinese enterprise blockchain founded only this year and has been created to benefit blockchain businesses by constructing a reinforced and transparent community for existing companies. Its near-future goal is to integrate blockchain technology to companies that are unfamiliar with or have never used it as a tool for their business before, further hoping that blockchain integration will soon be as successful as internet integration was back in the 1990s. 

NanTong Wonder Petro-Chemiccal Engineering Company is the third major partnership Ten Billion Coin has made. The other two were signed with the Institute of Southeast Guizhou Province Hospital, a tumor immunotherapy research base, and XiaYi ShengTai YingRan Technology Industrial Park

Ten Billion Coin’s reputation has been underscored, securing all these multi-billion alliances in just this past month (August 2019). Their most recent partnership with NanTong Wonder is expected to have significant knock-on impacts on Ten Billion Coin, since the company itself has made a name for itself across China, Asia, Africa, Europe and many other regions globally with clients such as Shell, Dow, DuPont, BP and ExxonMobil. 

Ten Billion Coin’s partnerships are just the beginning of more great successes. There is much interest coming from a vast potential of clients in and out of China seeking cooperation with Ten Billion Coin and the list will only get longer as many companies will fight to become a part of the blockchain industry to leverage its many impactful tools. 

The company is built from a team who have great drive, ambition and brains. Ten Billion Coin’s core management group consists of people with an array of talent and specialities: Ming ZeFei, who has 38 years of experience in economic and financial work and was a former Bank Manager at the Shanghai PuDong Development Bank, has a proven ability to manage finances. Hu Yong is another team member who is a lawyer, a CPA, economist, and financial securities expert and Zhang YuLin who has experience in financial auditing (listing on the new Third Board of China – a blockchain company).

With the triple-platform launch of the Ten Billion Coin IEO on August 28th, the blockchain platform now looks forward to the cooperation and support of leading exchanges LAToken, P2PB2B, and VinDax in helping it reach its target audience. Between the three, there will be six billion tokens available: 4 billion through LAToken and one billion tokens each through P2PB2B and VinDax. 

This is just the beginning. With many partners, supporters and an already established success its aims and achievements, its future is looking bright and exciting. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article