TeleX AI to Offer Digital Currency Trading Services Directly on Telegram

The last couple of years have brought onwards a new trend in the tech and financial market, based on convenience and simplicity, made possible via the help of artificial intelligence. TeleX AI is an innovative platform that allows people to trade digital currencies through a simple, Telegram-based chat bot.

Telegram-based cryptocurrency wallet and exchange services

Research has shown that newer generations no longer want to deal with desktop-based applications, hence the appearance of websites integrating all sorts of apps. Yet, another breaking point for an evolution is right around the corner- artificial intelligence chatbots.

TeleX AI has been created to bring both top trends and novelties under the same roof. Its main purpose is therefore to allow users to trade digital currencies of all kinds without needing to sign up on exchanges, or download software onto their computers. For instance, a user could simply ask the AI bot what the most popular ICOs are, and a list of recommendations would appear.

At this time, the TeleX AI has a couple of great features, including but not limited to storing your bitcoin and ether via its integrated wallet, sending and receiving digital currency for free, trading cryptocurrencies only by chatting with the bot.

In a recent press statement made by TeleX AI, it was mentioned that: ‘Next-generation currencies are worthy of a next-generation interface, and TeleX AI does its best to meet the developing needs of the 21st century trader’.

Currently, TeleX AI does not charge any fees for the services being offered, as it is currently carrying out its token presale, as part of its initial coin offering (ICO). Once the token sale is concluded, each trade made via the platform will cost a small fee, payable via the tokens, which also represent the AI’s source of revenue. It is important to mention that the tokens will be available for sale as long as the AI remains in function, yet during the presale, cheap tokens can be obtained which will grant users cheaper access to the features of TeleX AI.

The token ico has been scheduled to begin on the 21st of November 2017. Those who are interested can go ahead and join the company’s Telegram group for the latest updates, information and details on the chatbot. To learn even more about TeleX AI, the whitepaper is available right here.

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