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Lite.IM Launches Crypto Based Free Payment Gateway

Bahnhofstrasse – Lite.IM, a Swiss based non-custodial wallet has launched crypto backed financial hub. It allows users to receive payments in cryptocurrency without providing KYC (Know Your Customer) information in Europe, thanks to the collaboration with Swiss Based Bity.com Lite.IM is designed to help individuals, businesses and organizations to operate on their own terms and advance the development process of decentralization. The users can access the free service and enjoy …
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4 Major Concerns Regarding the WhatsApp Cryptocurrency Bot

Getting more people excited about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remains an ongoing problem. The average person on the street may know Bitcoin, but they see it as a speculative tool. In terms of using it to transfer value around the globe, new initiatives need to be launched. WhatsApp users can now experiment with cryptocurrency transactions courtesy of Lite.im. An interesting development, albeit one not necessarily officially endorsed by Facebook or …
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