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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Drops to $7,400

Bitcoin has fallen by $100 since yesterday, and is now trading for just over $7,400. Many analysts claim that bitcoin’s long-term effects will take it to new highs, though a bull run doesn’t lie in the coin’s immediate future. For now, the coin doesn’t appear capable of jumping beyond the $8,000 mark. According to one source, bitcoin is having trouble moving beyond $7,500. A recent sell-off that ultimately “ran out …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Down to $7,300

At press time, bitcoin has fallen to roughly $7,300. This is $100 less than where it stood yesterday afternoon, though the currency was trading for as high as $7,500 during Tuesday’s evening hours. The bitcoin arena is something of a mixed bag. For example, China’s president Xi Jinping recently endorsed blockchain technology, stating that it has the potential to heal global economies. Speaking at a recent conference with the Chinese …
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