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Chinese Social Media Platforms Under Investigation Over Cyber Security Law

Few people will be surprised to learn most of China’s instant messaging services are currently under investigation. The government is investigating these social media networks for potential violations of the country’s cyber security law. The platforms affected include Weibo, WeChat, and Baidu, all three of which serve millions of users every single day. According to China’s¬†Cyberspace Administration, all three platforms were used to spread obscenities and terror-related content. Chinese Social …
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Restricted WeChat Pay Expansion Shows Off Bitcoin’s Strengths

Cashless payments are becoming the new norm in our society as we know it today. More and more consumers – as well as merchants and retailers – want to steer away from using cash to pay for goods and services. WeChat is on the right track, as the popular Chinese messaging application extended their cashless payment option overseas. More cashless payment options open up opportunities for Bitcoin payments as well. …
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Apple Pay’s Competition In China Includes Bitcoin

Apple Pay is one of the most hyped mobile payment solutions in existence today. Truth be told, Apple is a major name in the world of mobile devices, and the company is known to create and deliver quality products and services. But that does not necessarily Apple Pay will ever become a success, even though the service could launch in China as soon as February 2016. Also read: Digitizing PINs …
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