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Waymo Patents Technology to Create Collapsible Car Exterior

We have yet another intriguing self-driving car development on our hands, courtesy of Waymo. The Google-owned company has come up with an interesting way to make autonomous vehicles “softer.” Waymo wants to protect pedestrians in case they are accidentally hit by a vehicle, and a collapsible exterior may be the key to doing so. Self-driving Cars Capable of Protecting Pedestrians Few people would think that autonomous vehicles could cause an accident. Just because our vehicles are …
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Ride-sharing Meets Autonomous Cars as Waymo Partners With Lyft

The world of self-driving vehicles has seen quite some interesting developments as of late. A major announcement was made late last week, as Waymo and Lyft are partnering up for a new venture. This is a development very few people saw coming, although it goes to show companies focusing on ride-sharing and self-driving vehicles can achieve similar goals with ease. Waymo and Lyft Is Quite a Powerful Combination Most people …
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