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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Falls to $9,000 After Yesterday’s $9,300 Strike

Bitcoin is currently trading for about $9,000. This is roughly $300 less than yesterday’s high of $9,333, which sent both investors and analysts flying. It is also a near-three percent drop in 24 hours. At press time, bitcoin’s overall market cap has fallen to about $154 billion. Though a slide may be in the books, experts say that this is nothing to get too concerned about, and that the bullish …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Drops to Lowest Mark in a Week

After maintaining a relatively healthy position for most of last week, bitcoin has fallen to a low mark of $7,900. This is a near $1,000 drop (seven percent) from where it stood just 48 hours ago. The primary sentiment is that Twitter is responsible. The social media giant recently shocked the world by announcing that it would ultimately start banning cryptocurrency and ICO-related advertisements as early as tomorrow, March 27. …
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