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What Is SingularX?

Competition is heating up in the world of decentralized trading platforms. Projects focusing on peer-to-peer trading are of special importance to keep this industry alive and moving forward. It seems the SingularDTV team is on the right track in this regard, as it recently announced the SingularX platform. It’s an interesting creation, even though it seems somewhat limited in its functionality. SingularX Decentralizes Intellectual Property Trading People who have kept tabs on …
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What Is Tokit?

Seemingly everyone on the planet has introduced their own digital token by now. Most tokens are issued on top of the Ethereum blockchain in order to take full advantage of smart contract technology. To make things slightly more interesting, there is now a multi-smart contract application out there as well. Tokit will certainly be of great interest to a lot of people, and it seems integrating this functionality won’t be too difficult either. Tokit will be …
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