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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Up to $7,500

Bitcoin is now trading for roughly $200 more than where it stood yesterday, reaching the $7,500 mark in less than 24 hours. Prior, bitcoin had been trading for this amount during the late evening of Tuesday, May 29, only to fall to $7,400 and then $7,300 the following day. While it’s not worth breaking out the champagne just yet, investors are breathing a sigh of relief now that the market …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Jumps to $7,400

Bitcoin has surprised us all and jumped by approximately five percent in less than an hour. The cryptocurrency was trading for roughly $7,100 during the early morning of May 29, only to incur a spike that saw its price rise by over $300. This is good news, in the short-term… And yet, it appears the bulls are not making a valid and full appearance as of late. Bitcoin is roughly …
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