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AI Creates Fictional HD Images Using Real-World Street View Photos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance at an unprecedented pace. Although it is not yet ready to create fictional worlds on its own, it is getting close. Recently, researchers at Stanford University and Intel debuted a new AI project that creates fictional street view images out of real-world photos, in high definition. An AI that Creates Photorealistic Images What researchers at Stanford and Intel created is essentially an imaginative AI that creates photorealistic street …
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Stanford Scientists Create 4D Camera for Self-Driving Vehicles and Delivery Drones

Technology is constantly undergoing major changes. Stanford University scientists have come up with a new type of camera which works across four dimensions. It is believed this camera will be of great use for autonomous vehicles, delivery drones, and other purposes over the next few years. New 4D Camera Collects More Information Than Predecessors It is impossible to consider the future of drones and self-driving vehicles without equipping them with sensors …
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