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What Is ARK?

Competition in the world of all-in-one blockchain solutions has been heating up these past few months. Multiple companies and projects aim to make a meaningful impact in this area. ARK claims to have the technology in place to become one of the world’s top blockchain service providers moving forward. With a team of 17 core members, a lot of interesting things are on the horizon. What is ARK Doing Differently? Claiming …
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What Is SmartBridge?

Although we are only now starting to realize the potential of cross-chain atomic swaps, there are more advanced solutions in development. The main downside of atomic swaps is that they only support currencies of the same type. SmartBridge, on the other hand, is capable of communicating with blockchains powering different types of cryptocurrencies. Although the technology is far from finished, it warrants a closer look. SmartBridge is a Major Game Changer Cryptocurrency …
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