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Microsoft Finally Brings End-to-End Encryption to Skype

In the world of technology, end-to-end encryption¬†has become more important than ever before. Given our society’s tendency¬†to use instant messaging and social media apps on a daily basis, the information we distribute should be encrypted at all times. Skype, one of the world’s most popular communication tools, is finally introducing end-to-end encryption. This is made possible thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with Signal. Skype Finally Gets Proper Encryption It is always …
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Should You Use Skype to Buy or Sell Bitcoin?

When it comes to buying Bitcoin these days, there are many ways to do so. Bitcoin exchanges and brokers are two popular methods, even though they verify the user’s identity quite thoroughly. A Bitcoin ATM is another choice, assuming there is such a device near you. However, it appears the latest trend is to buy Bitcoin through Skype. It is a rather strange method, although this “solution” has been around …
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