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Goldman Sachs develops its own cryptocurrency, for stock trading

In the last couple of months, banks and financial institutions have shown a growing interest towards bitcoin and its underlying system, the blockchain. According to recent reports, it seems like Goldman Sachs has gone ahead and developed its own cryptocurrency, meant for a settlement system that wants to make trading stocks, bonds alongside with other assets much faster. Based on the recently published patent filing, it seems like the New …
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Goldman Sachs Submits Patent Application for SETLcoin

On November 19, Goldman Sachs submitted a patent application that details the inner workings of “SETLcoin”. A system of digital currency tokens that will facilitate instant securities settlement using distributed ledger technology. The SETLcoin tokens essentially function just like colored coins, where tokens can be assigned specific attributes and values. In the case of SETLcoin, a token can be used to represent a particular stock/company. The application goes into more …
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