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Samsung Pay Incentivizes Users With New Rewards System

Mobile payments are becoming the new norm all over the world, yet the concept lacks some significant features. Loyalty and reward points have not been issued when making a mobile payment just yet. Samsung Pay is looking to address that problem, as they rolled out a rewards program for US users. It is expected that this solution will be made available to the rest of the world as well. Samsung …
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New Partnership Brings Samsung Pay To Alipay Customers

Getting a foothold in the Asian payment market is a major deal for any company, and Samsung is taking a significant step in the right direction. Thanks to their mobile payment deal with Alibaba, the electronics giant can start to expand their presence in China. Samsung And Alibaba Partnership Is Big News One doesn’t simply become a significant part of the mobile payments industry in China, not even when the …
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Samsung Pay Launch In Spain Brings Competition To Bitcoin

Samsung Pay is one of the major players in the mobile payments industry these days. Even though there is a fierce competition going on in this market, it will eventually come down to which solution will gain the most support. CaixaBank is the first financial institution in Spain to roll out Samsung Pay to its customers. Whether or not this will be a threat to Bitcoin adoption, remains to be …
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