What Is SALT?

Lending over the blockchain is one of those innovative concepts which could become quite successful. SALT is one of the many companies looking to explore this business opportunity. Its goal is to let users hold onto their assets and still get their cash. What is SALT? SALT is a blockchain-based lending platform which lets anyone in the world leverage their blockchain assets. That collateral is then used to secure cash loans. This solution …
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SALT – A Way to Avoid Taxes

SALT – An opportunity for investors, BTC holders, ETH, arbitrage with a big reward and a way to cut taxes. Maybe you’re still thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies and are asking yourself what could be a good investment similar to BTC, as their price multiplied by 18 times last year. Nobody knows which cryptocurrencies will have similar profits this year but there is good news. In the crypto world, good …
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