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The Planar Elliptical Runner Robot Doesn’t Rely on Software to Operate

Robots are always interesting to keep an eye on, especially when some of them may not exactly perform as one would expect. A new biped robot, going by the name of the Planar Elliptical Runner does not use a computer brain to stay on its legs. Instead, it uses built-in mechanics to achieve this goal. This is quite refreshing to see, although it is evident the robot still needs a …
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New Robotic Manta Ray Achieves Twice the Swim Speed of Previous Models

It is evident robots can aid scientists when it comes to understanding different families of animals better. A new project focuses on a robotic manta ray, which has been released into the ocean to conduct reconnaissance missions. Interestingly enough, this robot is soft-bodied on the outside, making it appear very lifelike. Robotic Manta Rays Are A Thing Now Not a week goes by without scientists coming up with a new …
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Google and Alphabet Keep Robotic Dog AI Dreams Alive For Now

It is not difficult to come across major advancements in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence these days. Google has been working on their robot dog, called Spot, for quite some time now. Last year, Spot played with a real dog the first time, and the experience was quite fun to watch. More recently, Alphabet unveiled a new robot dog that can clean the house. It is evident Alphabet …
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