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UnionPay Trumps Visa In Payment Value Processed During 2015

Credit cards are the most common type of payment method found in the world today. While most people know companies such as Visa and MasterCard by heart, neither of these is the market leader. New research by RBRB goes to show UnionPay is the largest card company in the world based on value processed. UnionPay Takes The Reigns From Visa The name UnionPay has been making waves in the financial …
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European Interest in Contactless Payments Creates Bitcoin Adoption Opportunities

Customers all over the world are looking to gain access to more convenient payment methods for everyday purchases. Cash transactions prove to be quite a hassle at times, and consumers want to spend as little tile as possible on making payments. Contactless payments are an answer to this solution, and this form of payment is gaining a lot of momentum across all of Europe. In the long run, this could …
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