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Microsoft and Qualcomm Unveil LTE-Enabled Always Connected PCs

With so many people using tablets and smartphones these days, there is a real chance that laptops will become obsolete in the future. If it is up to Microsoft and Qualcomm, that will not happen anytime soon. More specifically, both companies announced their Always Connected line of personal computers. It is an interesting spin on things, although it remains to be seen whether or not there is even a market …
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Bitcoin Adoption in Emerging Markets to Benefit From Feature Phones Using 4G LTE

Feature phones, also known as the predecessors to smartphones, are packed with far less features than their more expensive counterparts. Internet connectivity, for example, has always been a problem on feature phones, at least where mobile data is concerned. Qualcomm’s new chipset will change all of this, which can benefit cryptocurrency adoption as well. These “dumb” phones are becoming a lot smarter thanks to this change. Qualcomm Changes The Feature …
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